Book on Malabar Revolt released; historians differ on the nature of the revolt

By Staff Correspondent,

Kochi: Two famous historians in Kerala expressed their countering views on the Malabar Revolt on the occasion of the release of a book on the topic. Dr MGS Narayanan said that the revolt was communal whereas Dr M Gangadharan maintained it was not so. Both were speaking at the release of the Malayalam version of Dr M Gangadharan’s book ‘Malabar Rebellion 1921-‘22’ published by the DC Books.

Dr MGS Narayanan opined that the traditional Muslims supporting the Khilafath Movement conducted the revolt avoiding the Congress’ fundamental principle of non-violence. The mutineers hoped to defeat the British by working against the nationalism of the Congress. DR Gangadharan’s finding that the revolt was triggered by anti-British sentiments and not communalism is dangerous. If we keep such fake theories even now, tomorrow will be in danger. Such revolts may happen in future also. All Muslims are not terrorists. But the demand for Mopla state should be opposed as the demand for Hindu state by the RSS, he added.

Whereas Dr Gangadharan said that the revolt came up as a response to the British policy of harming the activists of the Khilafath movement. Majority of the scholarly Muslims had kept away from the revolt. It is true that religious feeling gave unity to the revolt. But burglars and robbers committed many atrocities in the shade of the revolt. The fact was that such incidents got included as part of the revolt. The approach that those who harm Islam should be killed rose up during the revolt. The revolt made different experiences in different parts of Malabar. Even though there were communal riots outside Kerala, here majority wanted communal harmony. All should remember that history was not single-faced, he added.

K Venu released the book and Dr Shamsad Hussain received the first copy. AP Kunhamu translated the book to Malayalam. Civic Chandran, KA Shaji and AM Shimnas also spoke.

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